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Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum Vision

In journey and love, remember ‘I am with you always’ (Matthew 28:20).

At St Thomas’ Church of England Primary School, we believe that all children are entitled to a broad and balanced curriculum which is interesting, engaging and helps to develop a life-long love of learning. We aim to provide planned programmes of learning opportunities and experiences that help children grow and develop as individuals, whilst also helping them flourish within their communities and as citizens in a diverse society and God’s world. We offer a rich and vibrant curriculum which is ambitious for all learners and led by our Christian values and beliefs.

 Through our curriculum, we develop the essential knowledge, skills and understanding which are the building blocks for later life.  Our curriculum encompasses not only the formal requirements of the National Curriculum, but goes beyond the experiences of the classroom to ensure that all our children are exposed to the richest and most varied opportunities that we can provide. Our aim is to enrich every child's school experience, recognise achievement and create a positive educational environment where they are encouraged to succeed and be the best they can be. We aim to build initiative and resilience, encouraging a positive mind set amongst our children, as it is often through our mistakes that we learn the most.

Our curriculum vision is based on the following statements:

Be Curious, 

Be Knowledgeable,

Be Creative, 

Be Compassionate, 

Be Reflective, 

Be Courageous.

Each of these statements are valued equally and give our curriculum breadth and balance, room to live and breathe. Our curriculum vision can be summarized in the following statement:

Growing together through faith in Jesus Christ, ‘Let all you do be done in love’ (1 Corinthians 16).

We are an inclusive school that ensures all pupils are provided with equal learning opportunities, regardless of social class, gender, culture, race, disability or learning difficulties.

In order to ensure pupils with SEND achieve to the best of their ability, outcomes are adapted, and the delivery of the curriculum - in all subjects - is differentiated for these pupils, in line with the school’s SEND Policy. 

The planning and organising of teaching strategies are regularly reviewed to ensure that no pupil is at a disadvantage.  St Thomas’ CE Primary School aims to enable all of its pupils’ to achieve to their full potential through a broad, balanced and enriched curriculum. 

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