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Welcome to St Thomas’ PFTA page.  The PFTA is open to parents, friends, teachers and all those with links to the school.  Our main aim it to raise funds which will go towards enhancing our children’s school experience.  In recent years we have helped the school to buy lots of new books for the library – with a commitment to buying new books each month!  We have started developing the outdoor area with planters around the reading area with plans to further enhance this into a nature area and growing their own vegetables.  A lot of the ideas have come from the children as to what they really want and to everyone’s surprise at the top of their wish list is an outdoor gym which would go well with the all-weather daily mile track that we are aiming for too.  This should help the school in becoming a much healthier and happier school and gaining awards along the way – fingers crossed!

St. Thomas’ CE Primary School PFTA Committee Members 2022

Chair: Tracy Buckley

Secretary: Tina Kaminski

Treasurers: Laura Williams

As we are a registered charity, all the committee members are trustees of the charity too.

Registered Charity No: 1173573

PFTA email address: stthomasptanetwork@gmail.com


St. Thomas’ C E Primary School PFTA is here to support our children and their school.  We raise funds for school projects, we organise social events and share helpful hints, tips and information for friends, family and the community of St. Thomas’.

Our pledge:

  • Fundraise – whether it’s paying for extras or essentials, every penny of our funds directly benefits our children, making their learning experience so much more fulfilling and exciting.
  • Make it Fun – our events are enjoyed by children, parents and teachers alike, and are a great way to bring the whole school and church community closer together.
  • Parent voice – discussing where PFTA money is spent, voicing opinions, talking to teaching staff and everything in between contributes to school decision-making.


Everyone involved with the school is considered to be a member of the PFTA – that includes all parents, carers and guardians, extended family, friends plus all teaching and non-teaching staff and everyone associated with the school.

Full details of membership and the association can be found in the latest version of the constitution attached to this page.   

If you have any questions or would like to get involved – no matter how small – we would love to hear from you so please get in touch via our email address and we will go from there!         

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