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Christian Charter

We would like every child to experience all of the following during their time with us:

  • A residential visit
  • Experiencing messy play
  • Linking beliefs with world religions
  • Celebrating achievements
  • Planting, growing and harvesting
  • Cooking and baking
  • Being part of a community project
  • Performing in a school production
  • Organising a charitable event
  • Singing in public
  • Taking part in a sponsored event
  • A range of extra-curricular activities
  • Representing the school
  • Learning outside the classroom
  • Climbing a tree
  • Leading an act of worship
  • Developing confidence in spirituality
  • Meeting children from other schools
  • Being a prefect, play leader or buddy
  • Visiting educational sites and places of worship
  • A range of outdoor challenges
  • Celebration of special occasions in the church calendar
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